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You are Not Alone

Did you know that hearing loss affects one in every 10 Americans? The good news is that today, with the latest advances in hearing aid technology, most forms of hearing loss can be successfully treated.

  • Only one in five people who could benefits from a hearing aid wears one
  • 10 million Americans have suffered noise-induced hearing loss
  • Hearing decline starts as early as 40 years of age
  • 65% of people with hearing loss are below retirement age

The solution is simple.

Communication is critical in life. Your job and social interactions are all more rewarding when you can communicate confidently – and hearing is vital to that. Research shows that people who get hearing aids benefit from:

  • Fewer instances of confusion and disorientation
  • Increased ability to concentrate and multitask
  • Better memory skills and a greater ability to learn new tasks
  • Alertness and awareness of their personal safety
  • Increased earning power and more control over their lives


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OTC Hearing Aids

Tony Wasiuk spoke to Sentinel & Enterprise news about over-the-counter hearing aid bill that was recently passed, and the dangers of not seeing a hearing professional.

"We make sure it's fitting properly, they know how to use it, and a lot of times we have to reprogram it based on the person's lifestyle and tolerance for sound," he said. "It's a process, and as great as the hearing aids are today there's still a process of going through that fitting."

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Hearing Loss Communication Tips

hearing loss communication tips