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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing.

These folks are wonderful to work with. They are absolutely honest and competent. They examined my hearing and prescribed a hearing aid that definitely met my needs. They provide plenty of support for the products you buy. I couldn’t be happier.

Charles “Charlie” M.

Always there for service, prices are fair. Great customer service.
Gerard Richard

Carole R.

Excellent kind and professional service.

Barbara H.

Very kind courteous treatment for hearing test and excellent choice for hearing aids to fit my needs

Beverly L.

Tony is very knowledgeable and great to work with. This is the third pair of hearing aids I’ve received from Tony over the years. He is very patient in adjusting them until they are set properly for you no matter how many visits it takes. A pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend him. Thanks for your patience.

Steve M.

Tony @ Medical Arts is the best! Kind, Caring and Compassionate... His focus is on providing care in helping you the patient obtain the best hearing possible!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Joel U.

My experience with the team a Medical Arts Hearing Instruments was very professional, caring, and rewarding. Tony understood my hearing needs and recommended the best hearing aids for me, I just can’t find the words to express how happy I am with their great service. Many thanks to this great team

Doris W.

Medical Arts has taken care of my hearing and hearing instruments for the past 8 years. They are very accommodating and helped me determine what hearing aids would be best for my situation over the years. I love their low pressure but still super helpful approach.

Jim M.

At Medical Arts Hearing Instruments you are in a very low key environment. Tony, the audiologist, listens carefully to your concerns. It is clear from the start that Tony and Darrylin want you to be completely comfortable with your hearing aids.
I went to them on a friend's recommendation. Because my old hearing aids (over the ear type) interfered with wearing a mask, I thought it might be better to change to the in the ear type. Tony made a mold and ordered the hearing aids. When they arrived he showed me how to use them. But after a couple of weeks I was not happy. I returned to his office and asked to change back to the over the ear type. Tony immediately gave me a new set of over the ear aids. I am now one happy customer!
Everything you would want in a medical professional is here. Compassion , concern, and, above all, respect for what the patient is saying.

Ted H.

I came to you becaues i had some noises like buszzing and whistling and you suggested changing my ear molds. Well what a difference a day and a half later made, no outside noises or interference of any sort. Thank you Tony you found my problem and sovled it.

Peter R.

Medical Arts Hearing is an amazing small business with excellent customer service. Tony is extremely knowledgeable and helpful when working with me. Several members of my family wear hearing aids and this has been the go to place for our family for many years. The prices are very reasonable and I have always been able to get support when needed. I cannot recommend this business enough!

Marisa K.

I've been dealing with the mood and mental health affects of unilateral (left ear only) tinnitus for over a year. After the first three months of the affliction (April 2021) I went to an E.N.T. doctor and also had a professional hearing test. The hearing test showed mild hearing loss in the left ear. I also had a brain MRI to check for Benign Vestibular Schwarnnoma which can cause tinnitus. Fortunately that was negative. I have none of the other obvious medical causes of "sudden onset tinnitus", i.e. T.M.J., grinding of teeth, ear wax blockage. I was "medically cleared" which essentially means nothing to do except deal with it. But let's not forget, hearing loss can also be a cause of tinnitus. Then my sister told me about a friend who had tinnitus for 20 years and when she recently got hearing aids to deal with her hearing loss, she stopped hearing the tinnitus. That was all I needed to hear and I was doing my due diligence looking for a hearing aid provider. I am so extremely happy to report, the hearing device that Tony set me up with for a 30 day free trial, helped with my tinnitus almost immediately! It's an hearing aid combined with a tinnitus masking feature. I went back each week for four weeks and we did some tweaking of the programming, I asked the questions I had concerning the device etc. Tony and Darrylin and extremely professional and personable. Their commitment to customer care is second to none, really the best! After my month long free trial I made my purchase of the hearing aid (single device for left ear only) I was provided with a year's worth of batteries and other accessories that will be needed for maintenance. Best money I've ever spent! Any questions or follow up tuning I might need will be provided at no cost, all I have to do is make an appointment. The hearing device continues to provide the much longed for relief I have needed; I feel like a new person! Importantly, I know Medical Arts Hearing will continue to support me with care and compassion as necessary. Thank you so very much to Tony and Darrylin!

Leanne H.

I would recommend Medical Arts Hearing Instruments Inc. Tony is extremely helpful and kind. Getting an appointment was smooth and easy and I was given tons of great information even during my first call there. If you need a hearing aid or even think you might need a hearing aid, make this your stop!!

Laura F.

My experience with Medical Arts Hearing Instruments Inc. has been excellent. I have had four visits to-date. First was an evaluation and discussion of my selection of the hearing devices based on my hearing deficit and needs. Second was introducing me to my new devices. Third and forth have been follow-ups to see how I am doing with them and to make any adjustments I have required.

Each visit has been professional and extremely friendly. I was immediately made to feel like I was a valued client and that continues to the present.

I highly recommend Medical Arts. They are wonderful people who very much know their art and their science!

Harry K.

Our family has been using Medical Arts Hearing for over 10 years. Tony has always listened to our needs, been very fair, gave us options, and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend! (and the dish of Lindt chocolates at the reception desk is a delicious treat.)

Geraldine H.

Been a customer/patient of Medical Arts Hearing for past 7+ years.
Courteous, professional, helpful, friendly and always responsive in a timely manner.
Could not recommend anyone better than these folks. It's been a positive experience from Day #1. You can't go wrong "hear!"

Edward M.

I’ve had my hearing aids for a year now. I am so impressed with the thoughtfulness and caring service i have received from Tony and Darrylin. They have been wonderful to me in addressing my needs. My experience with my hearing aids has been life changing in so many ways. Medical Arts Hearing Instruments is the place to go for both product and family friendly service. A true pleasure.

William S.

Audiologists are becoming like dentists. Huge practices with the prices to match and services like any other large corporation. You're mostly a number. Tony's business model seems to be exceptional service and real value. He always makes time to keep you hearing as well as you can. I have found his prices half of what the audiologists charge for THE SAME HEARING AID! He never charges for a trial. Try this place. AND these folks are unpretentious and truly charming.

John W.

I am on my second set of hearing aids from Medical Arts Hearing Instruments and I have found Tony and his staff to be very professional and accommodating. Tony's hearing was very though and the results are that my hearing is much better than it was before.
I also prefer to support a locally owned small business and would recommend this business to anyone who is experiencing hearing challenges.

Paul G.

My experience with Medical Arts Hearing Instruments was nothing short of life changing. The manner in which they handled the entire process was absolutely outstanding! From beginning to end they were incredibly professional, understanding and really put a nice personal touch on the process of getting hearing aids for the first time. I am so happy I did not go with any of the larger companies out there it would have been a huge mistake. I could not be more pleased with Medical Arts Hearing Instruments it has changed my life. I Highly recommend them!

Diane H.

Wow ! What a great local resource. I needed a local place to help with my hearing aids. I made an appointment and immediately felt comfortable with Toni. He tested my hearing a recommended a new and updated version of my Oticon hearing aids. The difference is amazing. I'm still learning about these amazing new Oticons and with Toni's help and guidance I expect will end up purchasing them . A relaxed yet professional resource. 5 STARS

John B.

Tony was fantastic! Treated my father with respect, provided us options and looking forward to getting my father back on track with new hearing aids. Thank you Tony!

Robyn Y.

I am so happy that i found Medical Arts Hearing. Tony and his staff are great and would highly recommend anyone with a hearing problem to schedule a visit. Plus they use Starkey hearing aids and are made in the USA!!! I was practically deaf and now go through the day clear minded and not in a fog struggling to hear.

Top Cat

The people at Medical Arts Hearing Instruments are very professional and thoughtful. They did an one on one demonstration to replace the hear aid filters and caps. They answered all my questions thoroughly. I am happy I went to a small local company.

Scott M.

Life Changing! I didn’t realize just how bad my hearing was until I visited Tony at Medical Arts hearing. Tony set me up with a nice pair of hearing aids and it changed my life. His staff is friendly and very helpful. I would recommend Medical Arts Hearing to anyone

Scott S.

I went in during the pandemic and it was very easy. Tony gave me a hearing test and I walked out hearing better than I had in years! The hearing aids are comfortable and work very well.
Thanks Tony! -Daryl

Daryl E.

I have needed hearing aids since the early 1980's. Since that time I have dealt with 6 different hearing specialists. None have come close to the professionalism, understanding and accommodations displayed by Medical Arts Hearing. From my initial evaluation, to each and every time I have needed assistance, Tony and staff have been there for me.
When you need to hear, hear me now, trust and see Medical Arts Hearing Instruments. Highly and sincerely recommend!!!!

Bob M.

Had issue with my hearing aids that I caused. Medical Arts Hearing took care of issue and reviewed how to avoid. Knowledgeable and friendly staff who are glad to assist! Highly recommend!

Dennis G.

Tony and everyone is absolutely amazing!!! I should have gotten a hearing aid years ago, but self conscious and pride got in the way! He was so friendly and worked through all my concerns and any issues that popped up! He is true to his word and so helpful. I am glad I put my pride aside and finally went -- now I can actually hear!

Briana P.

Have needed hearing aids for a long time and Tony and family made the new journey easy and seamless.Attention to detail and follow up appts. were outstanding! Highly recommend Medical Arts for their hearing aid purchase. Thanks guys!

David L.

As usual I was taken care of very quickly and Tony and Darrylin were a pleasure to talk with. Tony adjusted my hearing aids and they seem to be working much better now . Thanks for everything.
Steve Buss
Sorry about the photo, I don't want to break another camera.

Stephen B.

Pleasant, comfortable, and professional.
Very helpful to my wife and I. Bought two sets of hearing aides. The trial period is great with a minor refundable deposit.

Matt D.

Tony & Daralyn are very professional, knowing and adapt at solving all your hearing problems quickly. Have used other Hearing Places in Fl, & New York and must comment publicly that Medical Arts in Leominister, Ma wins over all of them. They take the time & effort to understand and help. They are the bestest !

Suzanne M.

I found them to be on time.
Answeredall my questions. are customer friendly oriented. They want to make sure you are happy with the products you choose. Service oriented...with follow up care appointment make before you leave your first visit.

Leona M.

Do not hesitate. This is by far the best hearing group I have ever experienced. Professional, trustworthy, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They changed my life. Thank you.

Edward F.

I've been a customer for a couple of years and I can honestly say the service at Medical Arts Hearing is second to none. Tony and his team always have their customers well being at heart.

Bob G.

My sister has had hearing aids through Medical Arts Hearing Instruments or Tony for 40 years. He is professional and experienced. There isn't any pretense or hard sell.
It was easy for me to go there because of all the nice things my family had to say about the dedication of care provided to my special needs sister.
They are kind people that do a great job who are always available when you need them.

Sue B.

Great friendly people to deal with. Never an issue in dealing with them. Received a years worth of free batteries because a friend of mine took my recommendation and purchased his hearing aids there.

Linda G.

My experience at Medical Arts Hearing was wonderful. Except for the fact that I needed hearing aids! My new appliances are easy to wear and helped me hear Sports Hub talk radio on the way home without turning the volume up to 20. Unfortunately after a couple of days, one of the aids was not charging. I called and even though it was a Friday and the office is closed, I received a return call that day and I got a new pair of aids at my next appointment. The new pair is working just fine and I am adapting just fine. I highly recommend this practice.

Maureen L.

Tony does a great job in your testing for hearing loss.will guide you to the correct hearing device for your disability. I am much appreciated for Tony's advice.Can hear clearly now.Rember don't shout!!Thanks again Tony!

Donald D.

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