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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

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Briana P.

Good Service, very accommodating, pleasant, friendly office, very knowledgeable, professional...would recommend highly to others seeking hearing aid consultation.

Marianne F.

Wonderful service, great people who are always ready to help. Bargain rates on hearing aids, and they give a year's supply of batteries for free. I go in every two months and they clean the hearing aids for me. That's free too!! There's no place else I would go.

Barry H.

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Debra L.

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David C.

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Peggy P.

Thanks to Medical Arts, the word “what” is not in my vocabulary.

Carl P.

I have needed hearing aids since the early 1980's. Since that time I have dealt with 6 different hearing specialists. None have come close to the professionalism, understanding and accommodations displayed by Medical Arts Hearing. From my initial evaluation, to each and every time I have needed assistance, Tony and staff have been there for me. 

When you need to hear, hear me now, trust and see Medical Arts Hearing Instruments. Highly and sincerely recommend!!!!
Bob M.

You and your father before you have been my hearing aid "family" for many years!!  The staff is very nice to deal with, too,  and I know I would not leave you all for a store  over- the -counter hearing aid!!   Thank you for the care you give.

Jan W.

I have been very pleased with the great help I have received from Medical Arts Hearing Instruments. Everyone has been patient with me and the service has been A+! I highly recommend them! It really makes a difference when folks are so kind! Thank you!

Jana H.

I just wanted to thank you for the hearing correction you provided for me.  I want to tell you and your customers that the service you provided changed my life. I’m sure you hear this far too little, so I want to say this now. 

I am often asked why I am so open about my having hearing aids.  The answer is that for so long I have inconvenienced others by asking them to repeat most of what they said.  At other times, I pretended to hear, but it was clear that I did not hear their message.  By being open with them, they know that I have decided to do something about my problem, and they support my decision.  They know I have tried to correct a difficult situation and they appreciate it.

It is difficult to convince someone that they may need hearing assistance.  Hearing reduction occurs gradually.  To your customers I will say this:  Do not be hesitant about finding out the status of your hearing performance.  Get an audio test to determine your results.  Also, do not be afraid to act on results that indicate the need for a hearing device.  The people around you will applaud you for it.  The problem is not just an inconvenience to you.  

Also to customers: Tony and Darrylin are the team to take care of you.  They provide excellent professional service.  I have already recommended them to my friends.

Feel free to post this message in your office, or where you believe it would have the most positive effect.  I will be willing to discuss this matter directly with patients (as you decide) that would benefit from such a discussion.  I have also requested that your business card (that I provided) be posted in the office of my primary heath doctor for their patients to see.

Joe H.

I knew my hearing wasn’t as good or clear as it used to be.  I had difficulty understanding my grandchildren, the television reporters were unclear, especially the female newscasters, and then my wife told me that I was making her conversations with me difficult.  It was certainly time to do something, but I was skeptical of the advertisements in the newspapers.  How long would these people be in the area or even in business?   I had heard horror stories of people getting a free trial of a hearing aid, only to be told upon return of the device that it was not the same one as the more expensive one they had tried out.

And then I learned of Medical Arts Hearing Instruments in Leominster.  Not only had these people been at the same address for many years, they were a family owned and operated business.  My first visit made me feel like I was talking to someone who cared about me personally, and future visits reinforced that idea.  In fact, every time I go into the office (more like someone’s living room), whether I have an appointment or just drop in, I am welcomed and treated with concern and respect. 

I am very pleased with my new hearing aids, but I am even more pleased that I know I have the support and expertise of the wonderful people at Medical Arts Hearing whatever my hearing concerns might be.  The peace of mind has been just as important to me as the devices themselves.




About a year ago I noticed a loss of hearing with higher pitched voices. It was determined that I my insurance would cover most of the cost of the hearing aid. I did  some research on who I should trust in helping me decide what my needs were in getting my first pair of hearing aids. I decided on Medical Arts Hearing Instruments because of your excellent reputation.

 I am very pleased with Medical Arts and I have actually told that to many people. I felt that you really cared about my hearing loss and that you would always be ready to help me make adjustments or to just talk about how the hearing loss impacted my life. The personal attention from you is much appreciated.

David C

I am on my third set of hearing aids, all with Tony. I have been extremely happy with the service and support I have received. Tony takes care of the insurance paperwork, and any warranty stuff with a smile and good humor. I trust Tony's advice and knowledge of the product. Anytime I need service such as cleaning or filters changed, no problem. I would recommend Tony to anybody in need of hearing aids or advice.

Tom E

When I finally recognized the face, after much prodding by family members, that my hearing had deteriorated to the point where I was having problems hearing normal voice conversations, television voice, understanding my grandchildren and most importantly, understanding my wife, I realized it was time to seek professional attentions.

I had often seen the Medical Arts "flags" at 52 West St. on a route I often travel from my home in Princeton and decided to make an appointment. 

I met Darrilyn and found her to be very professional, polite and pleasant to speak with. She introduced me to Tony, who is the hearing professional. He first performed the hearing test and after reviewing the results follows-up with suggestions for hearing instruments.

My first choice (which was not Tony's first choice) was for hearing devices which would be worn totally inside your ear. After a trial use period of approximately one month, I realized they were not the correct choice. I returned them and had Tony re-order the hearing aids he originally proposed. 

After wearing the new hearing aids for nearly three months, I am extremely satisfied with them and should have listened to his initial advice.

I would definitely recommend Medical Arts in Leominster to anyone considering hearing aid devices. Thus Far, I have been overly please and satisfied with the professionalism provided by Tony and Darrilyn.


Peter B.

I'm very pleased with my experience at Medical Arts Hearing Instruments. Tony was very thorough, and clearly explained why I needed hearing aids and what kind would be best. He programmed them for me right there and showed me how to used them. I will have a 30 day trial period with weekly visits to monitor fit, comfort, etc. I am under no obligation to purchase them, although I intend to do so- haven't heard this well in years. The aids are comfortable, don't " squeal " and don't pick up unwanted background noise. I felt the cost was fair. Tony's wife, the receptionist, is very kind and helpful, and Stella the dog is awesome!

Chris B.