Let Us Bring You Better Hearing

Successful communication is essential to healthy aging and quality of life.

We come to you

While most hearing aids are programmed in healthcare offices, these quiet and ideal environments are not where most people have trouble hearing.

New amplification technology allows for connectivity across many of the devices in an individual’s life, such as cell phones, televisions, speaker systems, etc.

Let us deliver better hearing and communication to you, tailored to the environments of your life. Tony Wasiuk, BC-HIS, has been a hearing healthcare professional since 1978. With modern testing and programming technology at his disposal, Tony wants to provide a new paradigm in hearing aid fitting by bringing the process to you, and customizing amplification for your home, your loved ones and your active lifestyle.


Studies have shown most satisfied users of hearing instruments rank the number one reason they are successful is due to their relationship with the professional who fit them.

The most important decision you make when choosing a hearing instrument may be choosing the person who fits you. Tony Wasiuk has been fitting hearing instruments since 1978.

When you invite us, we will give you a complete hearing consultation. This includes:

1) Complete hearing evaluation.
2) Evaluation in your environment including your individual listening needs and difficulties.
3) Developing and implementing a plan to solve your hearing problems with the latest technology available.

We are committed to our new concept in hearing health care.