Special Event

2-Day Hearing Event - September 26th and 27th!

During this event, Tony Wasiuk, BC-HIS, MA LIC#62 and our professional staff will be on hand offering the following FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Complimentary hearing screening and auditory canal evaluation. Your problem may just be wax!
  • Complete hearing aid consultation
  • One week FREE trial of the latest hearing technology 

And as our way of saying, "THANKS" for stopping by, you will receive a Market Basket Gift Card - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

 This special event is 2 days only! Please call early to make an appointment for the date of your choice. Appointments will go fast! Be sure to bring a friend or loved one - someone whose voice is familiar to you and you communicate with the most.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment!





Hearing aid trial

Battery Card